Wednesday 18 January 2012

A couple of 'vehicles'....

...I'm also working on. First is the Micropanzer 'Amakudari Strider', a nice companion for the Russian Heavy Combat Armour a couple of posts below. The Strider is a kit of several parts and it's advisable to drill and pin to secure joins. I did over a dozen, by hand with a pin vice - fingers are still sore! I think this is one of most aesthetcally pleasing 'mechs' I've seen in any scale. I'm planning a little diorama on this base - another of Ian's (Fenris Games) 'Ark' bases - a couple of figures and some crates/boxes. At the moment I've only painted the base camo.

The second vehicle (yes, another Warthog) is an experiment in creating digital camo using dot matrix pre-cut masking tape. It's a great product - adheres very well, very little damage to the underlying paintwork when peeled off and no seepage! Bugger to apply and keep it all at right-angles though. I got mine from Japan and I'm not aware that it's available elswhere although Jed is hoping to stock it sometime in the near future. As I say, very much an experiment.....


  1. That precut masking tape is a genius idea. When I've had to do similar things in the past I don't mind admitting it's driven me potty. Getting all the angles right can be a pain. So to have that already done for you seems that a wonderful idea. Good find, and I hope Jed does stock it!!!

  2. Very cool on both mini's the Warthog is ace!

  3. Ah, the joys of pinning... if your fingers don't bleed, you're not doing it right!

    The camo masking looks intriguing, but would most likely drive me off the wall!

  4. Hi Dwartist, excellent as always, on the Warthog, what colour is the gray with the slight green shade? its nice.

  5. Thanks guys!
    @ squeek - tell me about it - gingers are still too sore to do any drilling/pinning on other models...and the tape is very fiddly to apply, the smallest pieces are about 2mm square!
    @Dan - Tamiya XF-23 Light Blue (the whole vehicle has had a filter of blue added too)