Sunday 31 July 2016

WIP: WDM Marine Tactical Unit squad...

...I had hoped to have the next two Marines finished to show you before the end of the Kickstarter but just like the previous week painting time has been drastically curtailed by domestic duties, grand-child care and a minor flood (leaving a skylight open during a prolonged rainstorm is not a great idea!). The 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter has less than 4 hours to go so pop over and pledge for a couple of squads of Tactical Marines and/or 'Talos' suits and maybe even a few of the stunning space fighters.

Friday 29 July 2016

WIP: WDM Marine tactical Unit squad...

...I'ts been a very slow week for painting but I have managed to start another two of the squad. I should make more progress over the weekend hopefully.

The next stretch goal (just a few hundred away with still nearly two days to go) is the fabulous 'Talos' power suit once again up-scaled and redesigned from the 15mm minis seen below. These should be really imposing as they are much taller than the tactical marines!

Sunday 24 July 2016

WIP: WDM Marine Tactical Unit squad...

...first one almost finished. There's are triangular areas on the shoulder pads that I want to paint with unit markings or the like but I haven't decided what yet. I also want to broaden the 'tactical marking bands' on the thigh armour.

Thursday 21 July 2016

WIP: White Dragon Miniatures 28mm Marine Tactical Unit squad...

...ready for priming! I've prepped the two squads by washing the resin miniatures in hot soapy water, cleaned up any mould lines (very minimal - excellent castings!) and mounted them on painting corks. The left arms have been super-glued in place but the right arms are still loose (the arms have square pegs which attach to corresponding holes in the torsos and the fit is so good that the right arm is held in place without any form of temporary fixative eg blu-tak) to accommodate painting. The pairs of arms are specific to a particular figure and although not identified on the sprues they will only fit where they should so all that's required is a little trial and error and a process of elimination. The level of detail on these miniatures - have a close look at the grills, edging and panel lines on the armour and helmet) is astounding!

Wednesday 20 July 2016

White Dragon Miniatures 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter...

...if you backed the 15mm Marine tactical Unit Kickstarter the images below might be of interest. The Mecha units are pretty much non-scale specific so actually work really well as heavy support for the 28mm MTU. Fiddler and Proteus look like the were designed as autonomous units for 28mm and even the Strix recon mech looks great as a person-sized support robot. I'll be painting both the Fiddler and the Proetus and a couple of Strix as support for the unit.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

White Dragon Miniature 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter...

If you scroll down the KS page you''ll come across an add-on which is quite unique and though related to the 'Shattered Void' universe is not more of the space fighters. It is a six-man (?) squad of the Marine Tactical Unit troopers which I'm sure you'll remember from WDM's 15mm Kickstarter but this time in 28mm!!!...and boy are they good! Alan has kindly sent me two squads and I'm going to start a WIP almost immediately. I might, if it appeals and WDM approve, even paint a squad to be 'raffled' among the 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter backers at the end of the campaign.
Take a look at these - believe me the photos don't come any where near doing them justice! They are wonderfully designed with lots of exquisite detail and have been expertly cast in resin by Prodos Games (no cast on bases which is a major bonus - for me at least!)

White Dragon Miniatures 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter... their own words
"'Shattered Void' is science-fiction based tabletop wargame in which squadrons of fighters battle for dominance in the vastness of space"
Alan from WDM sent me a few pre-production samples of their fighters quite some time ago and despite them not being my 'thing' and that I was worried I wouldn't do these delightful little models justice I only ever finished one of the several I started. One of the others - the 'Hydra' Corvette - has now appeared as an add-on in the KS so I thought I must finish it - and I have. Now bearing in mind that I don't think I'm particularly good at these I'm quite pleased with the result

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Tuesday 12 July 2016

WIP: Antenociti's 28mm 'Superhawk' dropship...

...or 'landing craft' if you're an Infinity aficionado! Two more 'grunts' finished and a few pics for scale against the Superhawk. I'm remaking the diorama base as I wasn't happy with the first one.