Monday 9 January 2012

WIP: weathering vehicles

I'm quite often asked, on the forums I frequent, how I achieved a particular weathering effect on vehicles - the honest answer is I 'borrowed' it from other modellers  whose build and paint articles appear in the pages of military modelling magazines dedicated to 1/35 historical armour (you might also like to check out Bryan Krueger's work on Ma.K models over several scales)  There are far to many of these doyens of the craft - or art - to mention but I use my own interpretation of their techniques (in many cases their specialites) to weather my sci-fi vehicles. For those of you unfamiliar with these techniques I will record my efforts on the several vehicles I will be painting over the next few months. First up is Antenociti's Novaya-Rus Skorpion Lt. Grav tank in a camo scheme derived from contemporary Russion camo.
The basic camo was applied with an airbrush (generic Tamiya colours, black, dk. green and buff); masked with blu-tak to create a hard edge. The three colours were then overpainted by brush with Vallejo and Lifecolor paints - Lifecolour Tyre Black (in reality a very dk.grey), Vallejo Russian Green and Stone Grey. I overpaint by brush to keep a consistency of colour when starting the weathering effects which begin with 'lining' and edging. The main gun (barrel) and anti-personal weapons have not been painted in their base colours as yet.

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