Sunday 31 January 2010

Forgeworld Tauros Venator

There's a little interest around the wargames forums in this new vehicle from Forgeworld so I thought I'd post some  pics and links...  (sorry about the photo colour - had the camera on the wrong setting!)
The photo above is of the one-piece main hull (casting blocks on the rear)  here it is from the front and above, and from the side showing the shallow space of the rear deck ( seated troops would be a little exposed sitting there). Turret from the rear,  in its mount and fitted to the hull.
The wheels and axles are here and the driver and gunner here (wouldn't take a great deal of effort to add the missing limbs and use these in other vehicles).
I sold my painted Elysian drop troopers on Ebay so will have to buy a few more to accompany this great new addition. I really like it and on first inspection both the vehicle and crew are cast very well without too many faults or mould lines. I haven't done any comparisons to other 40k vehicles but in real life it would be more a truck than a Jeep.
In progess will follow...                              

Sunday 24 January 2010

Ma.K Jerry 'Pilot' conversion...

Time to get back to commission work but first...
A converted pilot for the Maschinen Krieger 'Jerry' (using this body and a head from this set)
and a couple of close-ups - front, right and left.

Monday 4 January 2010

Ma.K mechanic...

Cap camo painted; other side view. Same colours and method as WIP of Hasslefree KJ posted on the Forum of Doom and rescaled to suit the bigger figure and here

Saturday 2 January 2010

Hasslefree Oakley...progress

The final stage of painting the flesh areas mainly consists of reworking the shadow areas using undiluted GW washes, Baal Red, Ogre Flesh and Devlan Mud and adding a little Ursumen Blue to create a cool, greyish tone for the deepest shadows. I've also glazed the highest points of the flesh (face and torso) with a very dilute glaze of the highlight clour, GW Elf Flesh.

Ma.K mechanic....progress

My photography isn't accomplished enough to post each stage of painting between the last and this photo...sorry. A full account of this stage of painting the mechanic's face follows...