Friday, 20 January 2012

6x6 comparisons....

....with figures -


Pig Iron System Troopers

Pig Iron Heavy Infantry

Sedition Wars Vanguard

G.O.T T-Pea (the trooper on the right has developed a list!)

Consortium (taller than all the others about 30/32mm)

and even Grymn!

and now, Vehicles first up more of the same but with some of the weapon options

Jed's APC's



and, finally, a couple of smaller vehicles which, for me, fit perfectly as small scouts for the larger 'Brute' cousin (and she - yes I've decided it's a she - is a big brute isn't she?)
The Fire Wasp

and the Tauros (both versions but without GW's heavy weapons maybe)

She (yes, she!) really does fit well with all the figures and vehicles but I particularly like her with the last two. Every home should have one or more or several!

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