Tuesday 10 January 2012

WIP: weathering vehicles 2

I don't know if my photographic skills are good enough for you to see the difference in the pics below and those posted a couple of days ago but.....
I've lined each panel with  very diluted black oil paint - tinted thinners really. If you get the mix right the solution should flow along panel lines and into recesses through capillary action creating a 'shadow' effect and staining the underlying paint a little darker than the raised panels. I've repeated this stage several times to achieve the depth of colour I want. I've then highlighted the top and side edges of all the panels and the edges of the vehicle with lighter tones of the base colours. Somewhat ironically both processes are designed to 'pop-out' detail that becomes obscured by the camoulflage. the main gun barrel and the anti-personnel weapons have been base-coated.

Had a bit of a disaster too - dropped the bloody thing on it's nose and broke the two front angled pieces off; the left side, lights and main gun also fell off. managed a reasonable repair and tomorrow will do a little dry-brushing (yes, I know it's not in vogue but it still has it uses), a little 'Zenithal' lighting and add the first of the filters.

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