Thursday 31 May 2012

WIP: Khurasan 28mm 'Polecat'...

...yep - 28MM!  Scaled up directly from the very popular 15mm version the Polecat looks like a futuristic 'Hummer' and is designated for use as a command/utility vehicle.  Ideal vehicle for Heresy's new sci-fi troopers or Defiance Games Marines (and maybe their Germans when the're released) There is also an alternative turret which I forgot to photograph but will include in the next update.
A few pics of the top quality casting before applying a primer.

WIP: Khurasan !5mm...

...Federation Medium Tank and Heavy APC. Tracked

or Grav drive

lovely detail on excellent castings that require very minimal clean-up!

Holidays over...

...for now - back to the desk. Jed's final 'Scout Biker' and some Khurasan 'stuff' to follow shortly...

Friday 18 May 2012

More 15mm...

...this time from Antenociti - WIP: NRF Kabardin. Basic camo.

Thursday 17 May 2012

Khurasan MUULs

ok...where to start...Khurasan's new MUUL vehicles lovely little vehicles with many build options (detailed in a previous post) so here's some pics of the finished vehicles...
Grav (I made a base for this drive as I wanted to show it raised from the floor)

Who knew?

...I can actually paint 15mm miniatures reasonabley well!

I painted these to accompany Khurasan's MUULS for scale purposes (they're Khurasan Federal Troopers). Photos of all the variants to follow....but for now

Friday 11 May 2012


...of Antenociti's 15mm NRF vehicles - the 'Zebu' and the 'Kabardin'.

and a couple of 15mm T-Pea 'Hunchbacks'

Lovely detail on all of these and top quality castings. WIP to follow...

WIP: Khurasan's 15mm 'Combat Drones'

...must be the smallest vehicles I've painted! I'm not sure how Jon intends to package them but they have one basic hull with four different drive systems - wheeled; tracked; legged and grav - and five payloads which fit on the rear  - three weapons stations (a plasma gun, a multiple missile launcher, and a rapid fire medium laser or MG); a cargo flatbed and a medical station (which I don't have as yet). Each of the drive systems have little locating lugs which fit into slots on the underside of the hull - very interchangeable and versatile!
Painting at the moment just consists of an airbrushed, basic camo finish (which at the moment is hiding a lot of nice detail not least of which is the droid eye built into its chassis rather like R2D2 poking out of the top of the X wing in the initial Star Wars series) that needs a little tidying-up before continuing. They have been painted in a modular fashion so I can  illustrate the available twenty (?) options nine of which are shown below. I'm painting my first ever 15mm figure this week so will use that to show scale on a later post.

I also have some small, recon drones to paint which I'll show you on the next update...

Saturday 5 May 2012

Thursday 3 May 2012

WIP: Khurasan GAU...

...with limbs, weapons and lower jaw attached (but not glued) ready for some filters and weathering

...and with the remnants of the APC she (yes, I've decided it's a 'she'!) has just torn apart with the claws on her forelimbs and her vice-like jaws

Tuesday 1 May 2012

WIP: Khurasan GAU's.... legs (and a tail). All detail has been lined and edged on the body, tail and legs.