Sunday 15 January 2012

Here's some good news...

...some time ago I pre-ordered Micropanzer's Russian Heavy Combat Armour but until very recently it looked as if the difficulties Jason was having getting 3d prints of the quality he desired meant that they were unlikely to make it to production. Well they're up for order and well worth aquiring. Full build and review when the arrive. I also have one of his 28mm Amakudari Striders so will build and review that at the same time.

sorry - this is the only pic I could get. You can view them on TMP.


  1. It's good news, isn't it!? I've got my set on order too...Grymn battlesuits :).

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with when you get them.

  2. They are very nice minis indeed! I'm hoping the 15mm version will work out as well.

    Also, great blog you have here! Can't believe I haven't come across it sooner. :D

  3. Thanks Martin - and welcome. Look forward to your observations.
    Steve - I saw your post about them elswhere and immediately thought 'Grymn' which, of course, hadn't occured to me! I quite fancy a camo similar to the wip on the Skorpion I'm doing....