Thursday 31 July 2014

Tuesday 29 July 2014

WIP: 1/35 UNS 'Hopper' HPR719

...seated pilot almost finished (just needs something on the right shoulder guard).

Saturday 26 July 2014

WIP: 1/35 UNS 'Hopper' HPR719

...from Industria Mechanika. All resin kit, expertly cast with just a few casting blocks to remove (nothing too demanding) and very few flaws to correct. The 'craft' has a nicely detailed, open cockpit so I've made a start on that. The control consoles (clear resin if you want internal lighting and the lower hull is hollow with lots of room for wires and battery), chairs and pilots need painting before you install the parts.

Five days to go on the

ExoSkeleton Assault Squad and Hura Technocracy - 15mm Sci-Fi

Kickstarter - already funded and looking excellent!

Thursday 10 July 2014

...and still they come!

...introducing Kharasan's Columbiad MAG Droid - and what a little beauty! I think this was originally intended to be 20mm in scale(and still may be) but as a droid it works with 15 and 28mm too. I'm away from the desk for a few days but when i get back I'll post some comparison pics. EDIT: designed by Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler (again!)

Sunday 6 July 2014

I don't do commissions but...(cont'd)

Despite the proliferation of CAD designed and 3D printed miniatures (which improve with each new release) available now I still love to see hand-sculptured minis holding their own with this relatively new competition. One of my favourite sculptors is Kev White of Hasslefree (also one of my favourite companies - lovely people!) and  I probably have more of his miniatures in my collection (still mostly unpainted!) than those of any other traditional sculptor. One of Hasslefree's most recent innovations has seen the release of many of the miniatures as Resin Masters  and although still available in metal I prefer the sharpness of detail (particularly when they are cast as expertly as these) and the ease in which they can be prepped and, if desired, converted.
Hasslefree's charge d'affaires, Artemis Black, has sent me some of the latest RM sci-fi troopers to paint, three of which are very recent sculpts...

...I'm pretty sure that the plan is to produce this set in plastic sometime in the future.
Here's a couple (the female trooper is holding a different style of helmet but Kev has resculpted her with the new style helmet too) I did a little while back and the scheme I'm favouring (with minor changes) for the five above

Thursday 3 July 2014

I don't do commissions but...(cont'd) *EDIT*

...slightly different circumstances with this one. I supported the Anvil Industry'Afterlife' Kickstarter and was rewarded with, IMHO, some of the best 'hard sci-f'i'  troopers available. No sooner had I received my pledge than I put other projects aside so I could paint a couple. When Joel saw the pics he asked if he could use them for marketing and has since sent me a few more items one of which is this extremely nice Unity Council Predator 'drone' (another well designed and expertly cast resin model which required very little prep work) with positionable lift-fans.

This morning I received a parcel from Anvil Industry containing the bonus figures from my Vanguard pledge (of which the 'Predator' is one) so I've taken a few quick pics...
Republic 'Goliath' heavy assault mech - really looking forward to painting this - excellent casting with great detail. Pics aren't great so you can't see the 'pilot's' legs attached to the exo-skeleton but you might just be able to make out the mechanical arms/hands. Comes with optional 'heads' - armour open or closed.

Republic 'Mauler' drill

Republic Missile trooper and commander

Unity Council marines in 'Tracer' exo-mech (trooper on left still to have weapons added)

Unity Council 'Spectre Operative' and bounty hunter Ellion Hesp

and PCR Senator, Vargo Federici

I don't do commissions but... and then I get asked If I'm interested in painting a particular figure or vehicle by a 'manufacturer'. If I like what they're offering I'll say yes. I never ask what it is they like about my painting style enough to trust me to do a decent job on what is, after all, often the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication, financial investment and artistic endeavour but I treat their 'babies' with the greatest respect and do my upmost to paint them to the best of my ability. Here's a few items I've received recently...
You may remember the Draconus class Interceptor I posted last November which was sent to me by Alan of White Dragon Miniatures and which is now just one of several space 'ships' designed for the upcoming game called Shattered Void (you can find more details and see some of the painted models on their Facebook page). I met Alan (and chatted briefly to him at this year's Salute where he had quite a few of the exquisitely detailed resin models on display (and a very nice 28mm pilot which I'll show you in a later post) and he promised to send me some of the new models when he could. He has....
 Hydra Corvette

...Wyvern Bomber and the Interceptor

...two Altair fighters

...comparison pics

 ...and a Hekatte Interceptor and two Dubuk fighters.


Bugger! Camera battery's dead!...


Holidays, the World Cup, Wimbledon and fine weather...

...can severely curtail one's painting output! I have managed to pull myself away from the above distractions (no hols 'til next thursday; no football 'til friday; Wimbledon doesn't start 'til 2pm (?) and it's raining!) long enough to prep a few 28mm figures and various other items and will post some pics later today (hopefully).