Wednesday 11 January 2012

In with the new....

...but not out with the old! Jed over at the 'Workshop' is producing a new 'Warthog' and has published a photo of the 3d print - and it looks fantastic!

I'll be purchasing and painting a few of these when they come out later in the year so I thought I'd thin the stash of the old ones. This will be number four (I do have a soft spot for these) and I've started by adding a chassis of sorts inspired by a version built and painted by Squeek  - thanks for the inspiration but the front turned wheels were a conversion to far for me!

not a great deal will be seen once the model is sitting on it's wheels but at least I know it's there!


  1. I live to inspire ;-) And wish my own scrapyard had contained more stuff than just old GW sprues.

  2. Thanks, S. Even without extensive spares you've managed a cracking conversion!