Wednesday 30 December 2009

Ma.K mechanic...

While the Flesh mix was handy I painted the highlights on the second mechanics face.

Hasslefree Oakley

Actually managed to find time to pick up a paintbrush again! New camera too so...
Hasslefree's Oakley has had his flesh painted with Games Workshop's (GW) Dwarf Flesh progressively lightened by adding GW Elf Flesh over seven or eight layers. The paint is diluted to the consistency of a glaze and the final highlight is a very dilute Elf flesh on the highest points. It might be worth mentioning that I paint all my miniatures as if lit from directly above and do actually light them with a lamp placed directly overhead to accentuate highlights and shadows for painting.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

no photos , no updates but a little progress!

My apologies once more for the lack of new/updates. My camera is being replaced as a Christmas gift but we're a little old fashioned in our family so I'll have to wait until Christmas morning before I can 'play' (and I won't be allowed in the attic until after boxing day).
I have been painting though and there'll hopefully be a glut of photos after Christmas.
Just finished a Black Scorpion, Lt Bromhead, Zulu war miniature (a limited edition) for a friend to give as a birthday present and I'm still working on Rodrigo's Sabre and Kaskrin troopers. I have several new figures and kits on the way including the Kev White sculpted Lt. Kara Black (a little beauty this) and this fabulous 1/35 Hover Tank from Mig productions .