Monday 24 March 2014

Fenris Games Arc base for....

...'mechs' or vehicles.

eg.28mm  'Leviathan' (a bit cramped but the Levi is huge!)

1/35 'Fiddler'

and several Antenociti vehicles

(look how well the wheels of the right hand 'Warthog ADV'
fit into the barrier!)

Sunday 23 March 2014

the 'green one'...

WIP: Antenociti's 28mm 'civvie' vehicles...

...these are actually finished but as there are four more vehicles to finish (one just needs the windscreen and windows painting so should be done today) the whole project is still a WIP. So...two cars and two motorcycles to which decals will be added by the 'client'.

Friday 21 March 2014

Thursday 20 March 2014

WIP: Fenris 'BLOODY BIG' Arc bases...

...yet more excellent bases from Ian - these measure approx. 165x110 mm and my first thought was "vehicle bases" but the base is an ideal size for the several large 'Mechs' I have including the 'Fiddler',  Filbot FDV4 Mako and even my Dreamforge Leviathan. I would imagine, therefore, that it would also be ideal for GW's new 'Imperial Knight' too.
When they're finished I'll take some photos of the base with the mechs and a several of my vehicles.

Sunday 16 March 2014

WIP: Antenociti 15mm 'military' vehicles...

...just a few details and the tyres ( hand!) to paint then they're off for decalling.

Very poor photos...

...of Antenociti's Workshop 28mm 'Civilian' Vehicles. Lots of 15mm sci-fi civilian vehicles being previewed at the moment but these are the first, new 28mm I believe. I have very little information about these and I suspect with Salute being very close we won't get details about release dates and prices until then or later. The photos (taken very quickly this morning before I prime them) don't do the beautifully cast models justice at all but I thought you'd like to see them anyway. One of the bikes is a 'flier' and the one of the vehicles has two versions - normal and 'parked'.