Friday 20 February 2015

WIP: Clear Horizon 15mm 'Nemesis' Light Strike Vehicle...

...basic camo; shading around detail and in panel lines; edges highlighted; tyres painted.

WIP: Clear Horizon open Drop Pod...

...a little lining in panels and around detail and edges highlighted. Seats started.

Thursday 19 February 2015

WIP: Clear Horizon 15mm open Drop Pod... with the 'Nemesis' vehicles the Drop Pod has been given an airbrushed base of lt.grey with a little 'zenithal lighting' and as with the Strike Vehicles it doesn't show up too well in the photos. The Drop-Pod comes as a kit of parts - the exterior fittings are the same as the original drop pod but the main hull is now made up of several parts - base, roof, roof hatch, three 'walls', and interior seating (six). The separate seating can be left out should you wish to use the interior for carrying cargo or even a 'mech'.
The 15mm drop -pod is available to order now and I understand that Harold is contemplating a 28mm version (28mm 'Nemesis'is due very soon)
I decided as soon as I saw the images of the open  Drop Pod Harold posted a while ago that I'd want to add a couple (or more - seats six after all!) figures - not just around the vehicle but actually descending the ramps and if possible perhaps occupying one or more of the seats. To accomplish this I've removed the bases from several figures and made a seated figure from the bottom half of one of the  Hell Diver Insertion Team troopers and the top half of one of the Omega Squad troopers.

WIP: Clear Horizon 15mm 'Nemesis' Light Strike Vehicles...

...looking a little bland at the moment - they have been airbrushed with a light grey base-coat as a basis for a camo scheme I will add and although I've added some 'zenithal lighting' it doesn't show up well in the photo. Lovely little models, well designed and cast in resin with just a little building to do which is eased by the excellent planning of the breakdown of parts (hull front, hull rear, front wheel and axle, rear wheel and axle and the turret).

Tuesday 17 February 2015

WIP:My Clear Horizon 'Nemesis' Light Strike vehicles...

...arrived a couple of days ago along with a couple of  'Aurora' Stealth VTOL's and a surprise - the new Drop-Pod with internal detail! More soon.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

WIP: APC Games '15mm 'Vanir' Dropship...

...canopy and 'windows'. painted. I decided to paint the panels at the rear of the canopy as windows with armoured shutters - so two closed, one open and one half way. I've tried to represent the instrument lights shining through the glass.

Sunday 1 February 2015

WIP: ACP Games 'Vanir' Dropship...

...has had its base-coats and decals added. Next will be some detail painting and filters.