Friday 31 October 2014

..and just to push me from my comfort zone a little...

...Shawn from Underfire Wargaming sent me a few of his Wul'Kin Infantry to try. This is the first WIP with the head almost finished but not permanently attached as I want to paint the weapon casing first.

..and there's the Khurasan 15mm's to finish...

...and I always feel happier when the tyres are painted - looks more like a vehicle then. Here's the 'Core Systems Transporter'

the 'Bobcat'

and the 'Scout Car' for my own collection (screens are painted additions)

I've got a few Khurasan vehicles in this scheme now - I must take a photo of them together. I have several more vehicles from Khurasan to show you and I will as soon as I get the base colours airbrushed.

After 'Afterlife' there's...

...more 'Afterlife' of course! I finished the Republic  Raider Exo-Mech for the diorama I'm planning (only had to do the shoulder-mounted weapon) so this will be put to one side with the Commander figure as I start the next one.

WIP: 'Shards of Liberty' War-Drone...

...with a few dings and dents and scratches and scrapes.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Friday 24 October 2014

...and better!

It keeps getting better and better...

...have a look at this  - Republic All-Terrain Scout Vehicle for Afterlife 'Shards of Liberty' (still a WIP so lacking a few details). Comes with crew! I'm not sure if this is an add-on for the Kickstarter but I think it must be. Edit: It is!

Thursday 23 October 2014

Lena again...

..with slightly lighter and sharper photos.

Lena Petrova, Electronics Specialist...

...from Afterlife: 'Shards of Liberty' Kickstarter

Afterlife: 'Shards of Liberty' Kickstarter...

...latest update from Joel: Pledge here. I'm happy to include mechs (and even the APC if it works out) and discuss colour schemes with the winners!

"Morning All,
Your chance to WIN one of five miniatures painted by Dwartist!
I am sure you have all seen the beautiful paint work on our miniatures done by Dwartist, a big fan of our miniatures, a backer of this project, and an amazing painter!
Yesterday he made a very special "money cant buy it" offer to help get this KS project funded.
After the KS ends, all backers who have pledged £100 or more will be entered into a draw to win one of five chances to have a miniature from their pledge painted by Dwartist! 
At the moment, that means pledgers over £100 have a 1 in 28 chance of winning this amazing prize, which is pretty great odds!
Further details - Choose a regular infantry sized figure from your pledge. It must be a military model rather than a civilian. I'm sure Dwartist will try to paint your preferred colour scheme, but he reserves the right to paint it however he likes and will only paint in his regular "style".
We reserve the right to amend or add to these conditions.