Monday 15 April 2019

Dreamforge Games Grav-Stug Kickstarter...

...To hopefully give the last few hours a small boost I’ve offered to paint a couple of DreamForge-Games Grav-Stugs as prizes in a post-Kickstarter ‘raffle’; the winners will be drawn from those who have pledged for at least one Grav-Stug. Check Mark Mondragon‘s announcement posted below for full details. I will also paint an Eisenkern trooper form my own stock of plastic kits to accompany the Grav-Stug. I've posted mark's announcement below.

Raffle for professionally painted StuG!
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Mark Mondragon
Apr 14, 2019
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The incredibly talented Mr David Woods has volunteered his time to paint two StuG’s for two lucky winners. 
The winners will be randomly chosen from those backers who pledged for at least one StuG. 
Each StuG kit backed during the active Kickstarter will count towards an entry into the raffle.  
For those of you who don’t know. Mr. David Woods is a very talented and prolific miniatures enthusiast and painter. He painted the Eisenkern APC for the kits box art and I have that kit proudly displayed behind my desk. You can see more of David’s work on his blog page DWARTIST’S PAINTING BLOG 
Click to see David's amazing work
David does not typically take commissions, so this is a rare opportunity to have a Woods original in your collection!
I will be providing the kits and the shipping for the prizes free of charge to the luck winners. These will not come out of any of the kits that you backed and will be free additional kits.
David has agreed to paint the kits up in Panzer Grey like the CAD images from the Kickstarter. He may be open for discussion about alternative colors or cammo patterns, winter, desert, etc. but those requests are at the sole discretion of Mr. Woods. 

David has volunteered his time for this raffle, because like you, he really wants a StuG! Let’s get this done and get this awesome kit in your collection.

At the time of writing this update, we have less than 57 hours left in this campaign!

Its time to firm up those pledges and start sharing this final warning with your circle of friends and social media sites you frequent. 
I need your help on this!
Please, take a moment to link to the Kickstarter and let your friends know you are backing…
It really does make a difference! 

Thank you again for your backing and thank you for letting your circle of friends know that you backed this campaign and you want to see it funded. 

All the best!

*Although these kits are a ‘gift’ and will be listed as such in the shipping documents, you may be responsible for VAT or import tax… This will ultimately be determined by your countries tax agencies. 
*Kits added after the Kickstarter has ended, DO NOT count towards the raffle as an entry.
*The raffle is dependent on the campaign funding in full.
*David may take several moths to complete the prize giveaway, so please be patient and allow him the time he requires to deliver your prize.

Monday 18 March 2019

WIp: Fenris Games 'Technical'...

...Ian has sent me a lovely little model of a 'technical' inspired by the Toyota Hilux series. Mastered by Nigel Higgins the model includes a quite extensive interior.

Friday 22 February 2019

WIP: 'Overrunners Jeips...

...weathering at an advanced stage. I have a few little details to paint on the vehicle and troopers and a little more weathering to add then I will call this one finished. I've changed the two side-bars on the 'cage' for a single central one to give the driver and vehicle commander a little more head-room.

Wednesday 13 February 2019