Saturday 26 March 2011

APC interior finished...

...or so I thought. I need to rethink the steering wheel/column  - as it stands it would block entry from the hatch above so will try a 'swing' coloumn attached to the central transmission the idea being it can be unlocked and swung away for ease of access for the driver.
There are two main componants - the hull bottom

and the main hull to which the other seating is attached. New items include added detail to the driver's and gunner's seats; spare ammo rack; crew personal weapon (Hasslefree as the nova-Rus troopers and weapons won't be available for a little while and I wanted different weapons to the PEA troopers)  racks; comm panels for crew and passengers.

Of course the driver/gunner compartment will be hidden by the enclosed turret drum when the vehicle is complete

Friday 18 March 2011

Ammo belts...

...and other items. Just a quick mention about the ammo belts on the Skorpion. Jed is awaiting 'ammo feeds' from the Mechskunk which are sure to be good. Not wanting to wait I found these on another forum and they're pretty unique. Made from a very flexible resin (reinforced with a wire through the belt) that takes paint very well (didn't even wash these to remove mould release) they were just the job! They have a number of different 'feeds' but the ones on the Skorpion were the best fit. Some great power cables too...Anyway check them out at Zinge Industries. Highly recommended!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Tuesday 8 March 2011

'Bear' based...

...and the driver finally has something to 'stand' her left foot on! edit: lots of interest in the bases - available from Fenris Games

one more figure to add - then packed away for Salute. then some figures for the Warthog which also has a base...

Skorpion update...

...lining, edging and a filter (sitting on - or, rather, hovering above - a Fenris 120mm base)

Wednesday 2 March 2011

nov-Rus APC WIP...

...interior so far. front hull wall blanked off (engine area); walls and floor fitted; driver and gunner's (remote turret) positions temporarily in place. All the hatches and the rear ramp apertures still need a final clean-up.

I've used Antenociti's older control pads as instrumentation and seats from a couple of Tamiya Hummers (bit extravagant that and could easily be scratchbuilt). The turret drum in position

and rear seating (arrangement to be finalised)

I've scaled the inerior to Jed's P.E.A troopers - approx 1/48. Still to add a 'radio-stack', stowage and lots of cabling.
I've primed the Skorpion too - ready for airbrushed camo at the weekend. I'm painting it in the same scheme I've used on all the G.O.T vehicles so far as I want to display it with the two jet-bikes finished a couple of weeks ago. I've inadvertently fixed the main gun too far back on the mount mistaking a 'slot' for a fixing point. When you get one of these check Jed's pics for positioning.