Sunday 15 January 2012

WIP: weathering vehicles 4...

...filters. Bearing in mind that my photography leaves a little to be desired you will probabley see little difference between this stage and the last but even in reality the changes are very subtle. I've added an overall  filter (stains the underlying colours) from Sin Industries - Tan for Tritonal Camo - then applied the Archer dry-transfer decals (generic Soviet stars and numbers as this is a Novoya-Rus vehicle and the camo is based on contemporary Russian camo) and applied a second coat of the filter. The filter brings the three, disparate colours closer in hue and makes the camo scheme more cohesive. Using a tan filter warms and fades the Green and Dk.Grey and gives the whole scheme a slightly dusty look. Filters should be applied sparingly - don't oveload the brush  - and act as a stain. Too much liquid will act as a wash and the tan will settle into and around detail (not too bad with tan as it looks like dust - see the raised sensors on the roof) and negate the dark lining done in the first stages. Below is the vehicle at this latest stage compared to stage three....
stage four

stage three

more stage four pics

next up chips and scratches.

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