Tuesday 24 January 2012

The shelves...

...and the workspace. Having a chat the other day about the 'plastic pile' (and in my case the 'metal pile') and how much of it will be built/painted. I thought I'd post some pics of what's on the shelves (plastic) and show you my workspace at the same time. This could get a bit boring after the first couple of pics so I'll insert a jump break and you can 'read more' if you wish....
As the last post was the WIP 1/20 Falke I thought I'd start with my selection of Ma.K models waiting to be built

The Falke box on the left doesn't contain a Falke (that's on the 'table') but it's not empty - it's full of half- built 'suits'! There's a couple of rare, resin Japan only kits (GroberHund - now released in plastic by Hasegawa) and a 1/35 Ferkel (space-based) both of these procured for me by my buddy and superb Ma.K modeller, Linc, who works and lives in Japan. The Jeep you see is not a Ma.K model but is 1/20 in scale and is destined to be Sasha's ride sometime in the distant future!
On the shelf to the right are my 1/35 models - modern and sci-fi - including a few of the pre-painted Hobbyboss  1/35 Ma.K suits and a couple of Gradiators (sic).

to the right of this shelving the very few 40K kits I have, a few 1/48 Tamiya kits (for spare parts), three really nice, very detailed  1/72 Patlabor kits (now discontinued), a couple of 1/20 Scopedog suits tucked right in the corner and lots of boxes with 'bits' in.

Final set of shelves has lots of wooden, Ikea drawer sets and boxes containing various and varied sci-fi figures and vehicles, a nice set of two, 1/10 multipose (choice of legs and arms) Star Wars Stormtroopers (which, I believe, are also discontinued), A Moon Bus and a 1/24 Patlabor Patrol Car.

Here's the one and only display cabinet - I need to invest in a couple more
 - and my old, fine-art painting apron (I wasn't as careful where the paint went then)

...and here's where I work (everyday, now that I'm effectively 'retired')

to the left is the building and prep section with a selection of ongoing projects including the Falke, the Micropanzer Strider and the 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicles from recent posts.

the drawers above contain more 28mm figures and vehicles, my oil paint selection, spare scalpel blades and the few GW paints I still have.
To the right is my painting area with the most used paint colours in the rack on the table

in the middle is the 'tool' area with the magnifying head-set my wife bought me years ago  - should this 'break' I'd be devastated ( I have spare ones but this is the best set I've ever had and can't seem to find more anywhere!) so If you see a set anywhere (it has two sets of lenses, one behind the other giving you an option of 2 or 4 times magnification) let me know.

in the right hand, bottom corner you can just see my 'ready-rack' of figures waiting to be completed.
I'm sitting in front of my touch-screen PC writing this post

and in the corner behind is my airbrush painting booth

with homemade extractor booth, brand new compressor and four airbrushes (two of which are connected to the compressor), Here's the spray paint selection

and above the paints, to the left in the booth is my spraying testbed

my Golden Demon winner - Vehicles - 1991 Oh, how the mighty are fallen.....


  1. Thats an impressive collection. I keep mine hidden away so as not to feel the shame.

    I'm trying to keep it under control with a model ban, but stuff keeps appearing on the desk. Its not easy when my dad owns a FLHS.

  2. Oh and I remember that Rhino! It was one of my fav GD models when I was a kid.

    Using it as a testbed is just Heresy! :(

  3. "It was one of my fav GD models when I was a kid." I feel so old!!

  4. I was 10 :P
    I didn't even see it till a couple years later, in some old WD's a mate gave me.
    Back when Blood Angels were just Marines in cool red armour, instead of emo vampires..

    If the model is dead now, I shall have to "homage" it. :D

  5. Haha - homage away it's well dead. I still have the figure though. Interestingly my niece's boyfriend claims it's one of his favourites too - here was here the other week taking photos of the marine to show his mates!

  6. Not only is you painting bloody marvelous your toy room is as well... git LOL

  7. Who's a lucky boy then? I still believe in Santa!

  8. AMAZING!!! I wish that my old hag (wife) would give me that much space for my hobby instead of the closet that I have now.

  9. Great set up you have there! Looking forward to seeing what you do with Ma.K stuff among other things!


  10. Amazing variety of box designs (brand & ID designer in me there), envious space to work in. Wondering how many of those Citadel paints are from the 90's?

    The whole lead/plastic pile reminded me of this great cartoon by Iron Mitten : http://tinyurl.com/86s6xhj

  11. I second the call for some Ma.K goodness. Very cool setup!

  12. Hey David, great collection and breahtaking room to build. not too hot in the summer up there?
    cool idea to give Sasha the FM Jeep! Mine will end as ruined Nutrocker aim ;)