Sunday 29 November 2009

Pig Iron Ironstorm

This Pig Iron Ironstorm (and the others in the series) is my favourite Sci-Fi AFV. I converted (hollowed out the driver's hatch and added armour to the lower front and rear) and painted it and several Heavy Troopers some time ago but now i'm going to paint some of PI's new System Troopers to go with it. The driver here is a conversion; the torso is a Heavy Trooper and the head is a helmet from the crew you get in the accessory pack hollowed out and replaced with a Hasslefree spare head from this set. More pics of the Ironstorm here, and here.

Meantime... Pig Iron : System Troopers . I've ordered a couple of sets to go with their AFV's I've had all three variants for some time one of which is already painted (I'll dig out a pic).

Lack of updates...

...due to a short holiday in New York (fantastic) and the loss of my little digi camera there (not so fantastic) : normal service resumed soon!

Friday 13 November 2009

Neo-Soviet Sabre Tank

From Old Crow. Painted for Rodrigo's Neo-Soviet force. Bigger pic, from the other side, the rear and a close-up of the commander

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Saturday 7 November 2009

I've put all the Neo-Soviets in a slide show (some of the pics aren't so great and a little repetetive but I'll edit it down next week)

Sunday 1 November 2009

The miniature has been painted with two, very thin coats of Games Workshop's Dwarf Flesh. The thin paint has acted as a wash and flowed into the depressions of the sculpt and left the Lt. Grey primer showing through and delineating the highlight areas.

All the edges of the shirt have been lined with GW's Ogryn Flesh wash and then Devlan Mud wash has been used in the darker shadow areas.
Painting these areas has really showcased the quality of the sculpt. If I remember correctly Kev sculpted the torso and cross-belts then added the shirt from very thin sheets of Greenstuff. Bloody amazing!