Saturday, 25 February 2012

Russian Heavy Combat Armour....

...from Micropanzer. I pre-ordered a squad (five) of these 'suits' a while ago and have had to wait while Jason sorted out a few issues with the 3D prototypes so he could produce and release a quality product. Here's one very satisfied customer - they are well worth the wait! Like the recent 'Strider' I built and painted the miniatures have a close relationship with Japanese Anime walkers and suits but with an added hard sci-fi twist. Cast very cleanly in white metal the 'suits' come as a kit of parts giving some positionable variation and weapon choices. Drilling and pinning will strengthen joins and make them more robust if using them as gaming pieces. WIP and comparisons to follow...

I also received another 'Strider' - interestingly (and very commendably) Jason has considered the after-sale views and comments of his customers and rethought and revised the number of parts, reducing them to make the build easier. He has also cast some of the major components in resin to make drilling and pinning a much easier proposition. Here's a pic of the new 'Strider's parts

Again, WIP to follow.
I haven't got time to show you the other very nice miniatures I ordered from Micropanzer but will report on them next week.


  1. You lucky bloke! I am waiting for my set of five Russian PA to arrive soon and can't wait to get working on them.

    Your pictured one looks lovely and clean :).

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  3. They're every bit as good as I'd hoped and cleaner casting than the first Strider (less obvious 3D printing marks). I'll photo one beside a Grymn to rub it in a bit! haha

  4. Can't wait to see how these turn out.

  5. I'd love to see a Grymn comparison shot :), cheers!