Saturday, 25 February 2012

Eisenkern Sturmtruppen...

...from Dreamforge Games by Mark Mondragon. I first became aware of these some time ago and subscribed to the 'Kickstarter' campaign that Mark instigated to raise funds for this particular project - and boy was that a great move! These are excellent and my only regret is I didn't commit to buy the Kriegsmarine too. Conceptually future German troopers, these are wonderfully designed and detailed multi-part miniatures that have been created using 3D computer programming and expertly cast (no casting faults whatsoever and only hairline mould lines to clean up) in white metal. In the pack there are enough bits to make ten troopers
ten sets of standing legs (two of each of five different sets) and an additional kneeling set

ten torsos and sets of shoulder guards

ten heads (two with targeting lenses)

and ten pair of arms (three weapon options)

here's a closer look at the components

I think it's pretty clear where the inspiration comes from (the weapons and helmets are very reminiscent of WWII German equipment) but these are clearly sci-fi interpretations and as such appear to be wearing clip-on armour over an 'undersuit' (like Antenociti's GOT troopers). They'll look great with Secret Weapon's 6x6 (which also has marked similarities, particularly on the turret, to WWII German armour) and I'll paint the second one I'm building to fit with these very delightful miniatures.
I'm hoping I can fit a build/paint of a couple of these figures into what is, at the moment, a very busy painting schedule so watch out for a WIP and some comparison pics.

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