Monday, 27 February 2012

Eisenkern Sturmtruppen: first... Mark (Dreamforge) has communicated an issue with the arms being incorrectly paired on the sprues and has gone to a great deal of trouble to correct this informing his customers and very quickly organising some replacement parts. I couldn't wait though and I've never yet built a 28mm miniature with seperate parts that didn't have minor (and major) fit problems (could have a lot to do with my inherent impatience too!). Quite prepared to do a little (or a lot) of filling and sculpting with putty I was presently surprised by the lack of problems. I drilled and pinned the right arm with the weapon and tried the three left arm options finding that the left arm from the sub-machine gun set fitted perfectly! I used that one (putty standing by....). As I like the added strength of drilling/pinning all joins (apart from the left arm) were fixed with this method. To get an accurate fit for the torso and legs I drilled through the neck and right throught the torso and then, holding the two parts firmly into position, drilled slightly into the hips to mark where the hole should be. Sepearating the two parts I then completed the drilling of the hips. I then superglued the shoulder pads. The head is not fixed permanantly as I intend to paint this seperately.

There will be command packs for the Sturmtruppen and the Kriegsmarine and they will include a couple of heads wearing caps. I added a couple of Warlord plastic WWII German heads to see how they looked...

Style and design are a matter of taste and I'm sure the 'German' influence won't be to everybody's taste but, believe me, the quality of the sculpts and the flawless castings (I haven't done any cleaning-up of this figure) are first class and as good as anything I've seen in any scale. Go to Mark's blog and check out his plans for the future (and Bulldog's rendition of the Leviathan on the forum - absolutely stunning).

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