Thursday, 21 July 2016

WIP: White Dragon Miniatures 28mm Marine Tactical Unit squad...

...ready for priming! I've prepped the two squads by washing the resin miniatures in hot soapy water, cleaned up any mould lines (very minimal - excellent castings!) and mounted them on painting corks. The left arms have been super-glued in place but the right arms are still loose (the arms have square pegs which attach to corresponding holes in the torsos and the fit is so good that the right arm is held in place without any form of temporary fixative eg blu-tak) to accommodate painting. The pairs of arms are specific to a particular figure and although not identified on the sprues they will only fit where they should so all that's required is a little trial and error and a process of elimination. The level of detail on these miniatures - have a close look at the grills, edging and panel lines on the armour and helmet) is astounding!

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