Tuesday, 19 July 2016

White Dragon Miniature 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter...

If you scroll down the KS page you''ll come across an add-on which is quite unique and though related to the 'Shattered Void' universe is not more of the space fighters. It is a six-man (?) squad of the Marine Tactical Unit troopers which I'm sure you'll remember from WDM's 15mm Kickstarter but this time in 28mm!!!...and boy are they good! Alan has kindly sent me two squads and I'm going to start a WIP almost immediately. I might, if it appeals and WDM approve, even paint a squad to be 'raffled' among the 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter backers at the end of the campaign.
Take a look at these - believe me the photos don't come any where near doing them justice! They are wonderfully designed with lots of exquisite detail and have been expertly cast in resin by Prodos Games (no cast on bases which is a major bonus - for me at least!)

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