Tuesday, 19 July 2016

White Dragon Miniatures 'Shattered Void' Kickstarter...

...in their own words
"'Shattered Void' is science-fiction based tabletop wargame in which squadrons of fighters battle for dominance in the vastness of space"
Alan from WDM sent me a few pre-production samples of their fighters quite some time ago and despite them not being my 'thing' and that I was worried I wouldn't do these delightful little models justice I only ever finished one of the several I started. One of the others - the 'Hydra' Corvette - has now appeared as an add-on in the KS so I thought I must finish it - and I have. Now bearing in mind that I don't think I'm particularly good at these I'm quite pleased with the result

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  1. Great stuff as always and your humility knows no bounds.

  2. Nice model!
    What the actual size in millimeters?