Tuesday 7 October 2014

WIP: Afterlife Republic Grenadier Commander...

...in a new lt.grey scheme.

...and as he's standing on the wing-tip of a 'downed' Drone i thought I'd add the rest of the Drone and a couple more troopers to a small diorama - work has begun on converting the Drone.


  1. I like the scheme of the commander, except for the blue spot on the shoulder. Way to bright and out of coherency with the other colors. I think the orange stripes will do very well as spotcolor on their own.
    Looking forward to seeing the diorama taking shape.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts M - don't necessarily agree with the lack of coherency after all blue and orange are complementary but I do agree that for some reason it's a little dishordant so will have to go. It was only intended as a background to whatever markings I decided to add over the blue.