Thursday 16 October 2014

New 15mm Khurasan vehicles...

...which for the moment will remain untitled as it's been so long since I spoke to Jon about them I've forgotten their names! When Jon gets back to me I'll post separate WIPs until then:-

I think their is possibley I misconception about the size of this transporter particularly if you see the 'cabin' as a space that would seat several crew - the windows are essentially vision slits for what would be a single driver. I'll dig out some of the Khurasan troopers I have and do a comparison but meantime here's the 'Transporter' with one of Jons lovely little 'Jeeps' I'm painting for my own collection.

I've also started the long-wheel base version of the 'Polecat' (I think it might be called a 'Stoat', don't quote me though).

...and with the 'Polecat'

WIPs soon and more vehicles to follow.

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  1. I think it's funny the official Riflethings transport seems to match the Hot Wheels toy I used for their scout car. Love that protruding rostrum supporting the front wheels.