Tuesday, 24 September 2013

WIP: Antenociti 'Hunchback' APC...

...in high vis. scheme.


  1. Awesome... Love the orange banding. Do you do that with masking?

  2. Thanks Mr.H. Yep - and lots of touching up afterwards!

  3. Hi you are a great inspiration for me, so I wanted to thank you for this blog, It's a great source of ideas for me.
    Now... I have a question, i'm going to paint my NRF troopers in this kind of light grey and orange colorscheme, but i find all their little armorbits abit too time demanding and fiddly, so at the moment i'm trying to find a quick way to paint them light grey.

    And I was wondering if you, as a much better painter, had any tips on how to accomplish it?

    I'm combining nrf troopers, the kabardin apc and the amakudari striders... all thanks to your blogg ^^

  4. Thanks Botjer - that's very kind of you. Not sure what you mean by " a quick way" - why not email me dwspainting@gmail.com and we'll have a chat. Cheers, david