Friday, 6 September 2013

Yep - I definitely hate 'Restic'...

...and no matter how much I like the look of a product in future I will not buy it if it is cast in this awful material. I salute those of you with the patience and perseverence to clean-up and prepare castings in this material for painting. Ebay here I come...


  1. With you there! My only experience luckily was from a freebie sent to me in a competition. I'm glad coz its saved me shelling out to try it out!

  2. What model was it that turned you?

    My experience with this stuff is limited to one Failcast model (I assume it was one of the better casts as it had all it's limbs intact). Horrible to clean up and the model doesn't look better for it. I won't buy the stuff either (regardless of whether it's GW or someone else's product).

    I do wonder whether it's just a phase and if manufacturers will drop the material in the end (or find what it's best application is) as a lot of people do seem to bitch about it.

  3. Is it the stuff they use for the Sedition Wars castings? That's tedious to clean up and try to get smooth. Love their sculpts, but tucker out a bit on the clean-ups.

  4. I have found Restic to be hit and miss and more than a little frustrating.

    Such a shame when you think you are getting a stunning miniature and getting restic rubbish instead.

    I will be avoiding Restic from now on as well.

    Which range was it?

  5. I've got mcvey, mantic and some complementary defiance chinese. all great sculpts in their own way but all have problems with the casts.
    mcvey Ramirez (?) the final straw - great figure but surrounded by flash which of course can't be scraped off successfully but needs trimming with a very sharp blade.
    they all suffer badly when compared to the genuine plastics produced recently by dreamforge

  6. It is a shame. Like you say Great Sculpts but poor execution in casting material.

    I far prefer real plastics or even resin.