Thursday, 5 September 2013

WIP: Clear Horizon's Drop-Pod...

...decals (from HIQPARTS and Dream Pod 9) - ideal for both 15mm and 28mm models. I particularly like the symbol on the 'cabin' doors as it seems to indicate the four access/egress points. Chips and scratches next.


  1. Those decals are perfect, ill have to check out the hiqparts decals.

  2. That is lovely. Could you do a scale pic with a 28mm and 15mm figs next to it?

    Where do you get your decals?

  3. Thanks Mr.H....can't wait for the troopers!
    Check the links in the post, RJ, for the decals.
    On holiday from early tomorrow for a week - I'll do the comparison pics when I get back.