Sunday, 22 September 2013

Always something on the table...

...waiting to be started or finished! The colour scheme for the Clear Horizon Drop-Pod below was inspired by Jed's chosen sceme for his T-Pea troopers and the vehicles in several recent sci-fi movies (eg Elysium, Oblivion) . I'm prolonging my minor obsession with these highly visible schemes by painting a couple of vehicles in a similar fashion.  Antenociti's  'Hunchback'  APC has progressed to the weathering stage

and I'm prepping a 'Viper' to paint in the same scheme too
Staying with Antenociti for now I have a Warthog MKI also at the weathering stage  that will be used with Dreamforge's Eisenkern troopers I think,
 a couple more of the FATC 'Aliens' APCs ready for some decals
 and I've recently finished the last of the aforementioned T-Pea troopers.

After the disappointment with the quality and casting material of the stage 2 Kickstarter miniatures from Studio McVey's Sedition Wars it's a real pleasure to return to painting one of their top quality resin miniatures

and I'm looking forward to doing the same with the Hasslefree resin masters I've been collating over the last few months
to be continued....

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  1. Yeah, those high-vis schemes are really nice. Perfectly executed by you, of course.