Sunday 3 March 2013

An Eisenkern passenger... the next conversion

...and I've got the legs on the 'Mules' - these are a bit fiddly to do and get correct (which Mark acknowledges) but the joints are an excellent fit and reward a little care and attention in getting them sitting right with all four legs on the floor (something I didn't quite manage due to impatience on my part). Lots of potentially interesting configurations with the multi-part legs and  I might try to fold the legs flat on the next one....
The 'Mules' still need a little finishing off in terms of mould and join lines (very minimal on all parts and easily removed with a new blade in the craft knife) and final position of the guard rails. I've added the alternative 'heads/control' and will decide which to use soon.


  1. I just had a thought that's popped into my head (haven't actually thought it through). How about a one of these bears with an eisenkern support weapon on the back (like the AA gun!). Just ordered up my first batch of troopers and can't wait.

    Brilliant blog by the way.

  2. I've actually tried the AA gun and the base will fit if one of the legs is placed in the space between the front seats - it would need some sort of 'spacer' underneath the leg as the driver passenger area is lower than the cargo bed. I'll take a photo.
    The mortar would probabley fit very well too....