Friday, 15 March 2013

WIP: Eisenkern 'Mules'...

....base-coated, washed with black oils, drybrushed with gradually lighter shades of the base coat and then the edges picked out with a much lighter grey (the contrast is a bit harsh at this stage but that will soften with subsequent filters and weathering!). Oh, and a small conversion you might like to try.

I swapped the legs to create a 'hover' version of the Mule using Hobby Base Flexible Pipe (medium) to create nozzles. The two parts are a nozzle shaped piece open at the end and a ball joint that fits into the socket on the Mule (you can vary the position of the nozzle to a certain degree too). Mine still needs a little cleaning up as I missed some sprue attachment due to the parts being transparent.

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