Friday 1 March 2013

I knew it would work...

...and so I couldn't resist putting the idea into action. Plastic Eisenkern vehicle driver

the head needs a little reworking position-wise but I think it works quite well.
Couldn't resist starting a couple of the 'Mules' too although the multi-part legs will be put together when I'm a little less tired!


  1. Noice :) I see you are putting that accessory set to good use. The custom arm/hand combo should be a boon for the modeler who wants to make one-off figs or poses.

    Your right, best to wait on the mules until you have some sleep ;) This is the one area where I wished I have just made the legs fixed posed... ah well.

    I posted some thoughts about that in the KS updated and found a work flow that worked out pretty good.

    2)Mechanical mule: Three leg joints is one too many ;) This is all me, my design and underestimation of just how small these parts are… I wish I would have made some of those legs fixed pose to aid in easy assembly. The best way to tackle them is to build all the legs out with poses that are as similar as possible. You can use the box art to eye up the angle for each joint. Once all are built, then glue them to the body, with the unit sitting on its back (let the glue set for a minute and then turn it over and tweak at the ball joint to get it even on the table.

  2. Cheers, Mark - not to worried about the three-part legs but had a traumatic day with my elderly mum having to go into respite for a couple of weeks. Got home after a very long day and just wanted to play with my new 'toys'. I've got a very heavy painting month ahead but I don't think I'll be able to resist adding a little paint to a couple of figures and the 'Mules'.
    Conversion potential of the Eisenkern sets is limitless...

  3. ...and I've got nine 'Mules' (36 legs - 3 parts each) to do! Haven't decided which 'head to use (the auto ones are just 'placed' and not glued yet - fit is really good). BTW instruction graphics are excellent!
    Found a painter yet?