Saturday 24 February 2018

WIP: Khurasan 15mm 'Warforce Reserve' troopers...

...I say WIP because I have ten more to paint. Number two and three are finished though.


  1. Very nice they are hard to believe they are 15mm!

  2. Really splendid stuff. These models now being painted by David are the only set of these miniatures that exist in the world! For now 😉

  3. Holy Fething Gak!

    I don't stop by for a coupla weeks and the laws of physics vanish up their own arse...

    D's painting 15mm figs ..
    which are new Khurasan figs ...
    which look the dog's proverbials!

    They really look good (even with your dodgy "dip & shake method"... hehe j/k )
    I love the belly bulge and especially the boots ... so few SF figs have - IMHO - decent boots. The guns are also gorgeous.

    I could really see these combined with K's In Vitro guys, with these being the regular grunts and the Vitros something like Envoys from the Takehi Kovacs books, or CTACs from the Netflix series, in which the swapped some stuff around ... still absolutely brilliant!!! Watch it!

    In fact, everything's absolutely brilliant now!

  4. Oops ... wrong profile ... and not quite sure how to quickly change it! :)
    I'm usually the bald grinning loon!