Thursday 8 February 2018

'Dropship Dave'... online friend christened me that a few months ago because I build and paint so many dropships. I admit it - I do have a penchant for dropships (must stem from the first viewing of 'Aliens') and have painted quite a few both in 15mm and 28mm. My friend has a few in his collection. I have seven in various stages of building and painting and keep going back and forth between them. The 'Roc' has priority at the moment but next in the queue is the second 'Superhawk' I have. At the moment it has just been basecoated, highlighted, edged, shaded and decalled (not immediately visible as I have gone for a very subdued scheme as might befit a special forces transport). It will remain in the monochrome scheme but I will add ID band of a different colour to make it more visually interesting.

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