Tuesday 13 February 2018

WIP: Black Earth UEF Lieutenant...

...you might remember me ordering a few miniatures from Black Earth after pledging on their Kickstarter - well they arrived safely this morning and I have to say I'm delighted and, I have to admit, a little surprised. The photos on the website don't really do the models justice. They are very cleanly cast in resin, requiring only the minimum of 'clean-up' and the detail is excellent. I ordered the aforementioned Lieutenant, the EUF Infantry Squad and the EUF 'Hulk' Battlesuit (more on the latter two at a later date) and on arrival immediately built (body, two arms and head) the Lieutenant and the Mech's cockpit (pilot is excellent and there is some detail in the cockpit that I will add to). There is something about the aesthetic of these figures that really appeals to me - I love the chunky look to the troopers armour and the design of the helmet (this is what 40K Cadians should look like!).

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