Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Oh Boy...Dreamforge 'Keilerkopf Eisenkern APC'

...I make no apologies for purloining these images from Mark without his permission (my apologies though to the figure painter - I hope you'll understand my enthusiasm and forgive me. Great painting btw!) and will gladly suffer his ire because I've been waiting ages for this.

some of the features...
Clear windows that have the greenish tint most commonly found on ballistic glass (we are still playing with the tint color to get it as close as we can).
Working doors, hatches and hood.
A detailed interior and engine compartment.
A full crew compliment, driver, gunner and ten seated Stormtroopers.
A movable defenses turret, mounted to a gantry, it provides a full 360 protection against unwanted guests.
Wheels that roll around the fixed center hub and a linked front set that simulates real world steering.
TPE a soft plastic tires.

Lots more news on the full update: here


  1. I'd hate to have to climb through that hatch in that armour in a hurry. Welcome to the military I guess ;) An amazing model with great style, I like the chop shop aesthetic and the high tech drive wheels (the stationary hubs are too cool for school!). Now I'm craving a 15mm scale version.