Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cleared the 'desks' for this...

...a 'test-shot' of Dreamforge's Eisenkern APC Keilerkopf which I received courtesy of Mark this morning!  I don't have a boxtop to show you as Mark hasn't completed it's design yet and I don't have any instructions and may have to contact Mark for help. Having said that I've already started cutting parts from the sprues and have actually built the rear troop seating (complete with movable guard rails) and dry-fitted all the major components of the hull which virtually clip together. I'll have some photos of the build tomorrow but meantime here's the Here's the sprues (six) and a couple of bags with clear parts and tyres.
 Please bear in mind that this is a 'test-shot' and mark will make changes and improvements before the APC is finally released to the KS backers and then retail outlets.


  1. Awesome looking forward to seeing you painting this

  2. Cool, I think I'll buy one of those. Its a cracking piece of work. I hope it sells well for them. Si