Friday 19 October 2012

WIP: Heresy Sci-Fi Trooper: urban camo... in this example

...begins with two very thin coats of Vallejo Dk.Grey over all of the clothing and armour (as an undercoat for the darker grey of the armour). Although Vallejo is my paint of choice I find a lot of colours, even after vigorous shaking of the bottle, dry with a sheen - almost a satin finish - so I've started adding Tamiya Flat Base to certain colours (mostly the various dk.greys and black) after a tip from one of my favourite miniature painters, Simon aka Doremi Fasol Latido,  who was kind enough to share his recipe for the various 'blacks' he uses. His blog and website are well worth a visit. The collar and breastplate have been started as I wanted to paint the head completely (still needs a little attention...) before starting on the uniform.

I then applied patches of Sky Grey. I have a couple of 'rules' I pretty much adhere to when painting patches of camo regarding size and placement - each of the patches are always smaller than the figures hands; If possible I don't cross seamlines (the outside of the legs and the helmet cover are the best areas for this feature); I don't place patches of the same colour next to each other where the camo is broken by seams or flaps (pockets, ammo pouches etc); once the first patch is painted the next is painted slightly higher or lower and about a patch width apart. This helps to keep the different elements of the figure from blending into an homogenous whole (ironically as camo is supposed to do!) but still maintains the appearance of a camo'ed uniform. The patches are painted with well-thinned paint using the tip of a  No.1 paint brush and most of the paint is wiped off the brush to prevent puddles.The shapes themselves are pretty random but are reasonabley consistent in their form - due mainly to the number of figures I've painted with a camo uniform.

Generally I paint between three and five figures at a time and I have two other troopers on the table too. Here's the female trooper...

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