Monday 8 October 2012

I'm considering a repaint...

...for my Pig Iron Ironstorm - still one of my favourite sci-fi vehicles and perhaps deserving of an update. I reworked both the vehicle and 'driver' quite extensively (eg. the addition of lower front and rear plates; drilling out the drivers section; removing the head of the driver, hollowing out the helmet and replacing the head with a Hasslefree female head and sculpting new arms and legs). It was painted several years ago and I think I could make a better job of it now not least in terms of the weathering.



  1. Well, it looks great, but I know from personal experience that sometimes going back to re-paint old favorites with the new techniques i've picked up can be quite satisfying.

    What color scheme were you thinking?

  2. I agree, there's few things worse than looking at an old favorite and no matter how great people think it is you just know you could do so much better now. I've redone more than a few models over the years for just that very reason, although usually I sell the original and paint a new one when possible. But with all the conversion work, it's probably better to repaint than buy a new one and go through all that work again. Keep us posted!

  3. I like it as it is but if you feel the need go for it. Si

  4. It looks fantastic to me, but if you feel the need then why not if that works for you.