Tuesday, 10 April 2012

WIP: Defiance Games...

Marine. Had to take a break from painting yesterday for a few hours as we were having a boiler fitted in my attic workspace - not very condusive to sitting in deep concentration with a steady hand - so I started putting together a Defiance Games Marine from the three test-sprues Tony Reidy sent me. Let me state immediately - I like these! Despite the furore (you weren't aware of it? Where have you been!?) that's surrounded the release (well about to be released to be more accurate) of these miniatures I think they have a great deal of potential in terms of conversion (which is why I ordered several sets in the first place) and will look great with (and in) a number of the 28mm sci-fi vehicles I have in my collection. Being plastic there are some issues - lack of undercuts, 'soft detailing - but the material is so easy to manipulate and work with that these are only minor problems for anybody with a little modelling experience and the right tools.
I've put together a head, torso and legs and removed all the mould lines which are inherent to any casting be it metal, resin or plastic. I've then set about refining the detail and improving the undercuts in certain areas.
Here are some comparison pics of a marine OOB and one I've 'enhanced' -  pockets; buttons removed to be replaced at a later stage, flaps and expansion pleat given sharper definition. Body-armour; back of the arms, shoulder pads given undercuts and better definition. Boots; soles defined. Head; peak of cap thinned near ears, 'Colonial Marines' collar added to neck (I tend to do this with most figures that have a seperate head to improve the fit - the head is not permanently attached just blu-tacked - I would normally do this with modelling epoxy but here have drilled out the end of a plasticard tube and filed it down to nearer scale thickness then cut the opening in the front). Belt; most importantly, for me, I've given him an 'arse' by carving away the belt at the rear and then recarving to give an overall smaller waist and better shaped posterior. This also makes the back of the body armour appear bulkier and overhang the waist. A little more cleaning-up then I'll move on to the arms and weapon.


  1. Nice improvements! I really like the look of the Marines. Can you do any comparison shots with other manufacturers figures to show compatibility?

  2. thanks - comparisons? Certainly, as soon as ! have a little more spare time.

  3. Thanks! Of interest to me: comparison between GW Plastic Cadian or TAG modern infantry like Rangers ect.

  4. no TAG sorry - I've got Empress moderns....
    Plenty of GW

  5. GW is my preferred comparison 8)
    Space marine and IG?

  6. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you can do with some paints on them.