Saturday 14 April 2012

Antenocit Warthog II...

...just arrived! here's the breakdown of parts

Quite straightforward... Hull, axles x 2, wheels x 4, mudguards x 4, bullbar/winch, brass-etched 'cargo basket', and the weapon (4 parts).  While waiting for washes to dry on the Jet-Bike 'road' bases I put the Warthog II together...the axles have very secure locations in slots in the hull. The only thing to be wary of here is to get them set so the wheels are spaced equally front and back. You also have the option of setting the height of the axles at different levels (there are no set positions you just glue the axle at whatever height suits you) - I've gone for the lowest setting simply because it's the easiest to align correctly. There is also a definite front and back to the axles which I nearly missed. In the picture above they're back to front (the front piston housings are slightly offset). The bull-bar has slots cut into the lower hull and the corresponding tags on the bull-bar fit very snugly and precisely. The four mudguards are simply glued against a ridge on the front and rear of the axles. I think these parts are optional...

...and, yes (someone's bound to ask!) the weapon mount can be hinged by carefully drilling and pinning.
Antenociti's vehicles keep on improving not only in terms of the designs but also in  ease of construction and fitting of parts. Going to be a 'biggy' this one I think and should be available at Salute. Stand in line behind me!

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