Saturday, 21 April 2012

On my way home...

'...from Salute. Picked up several new items - a new faction for Studio McVey's Sedition Wars, the 'Samaritans' (lovely!) and the squad includes an anti-grav (?) turret (not sure about this yet); some of Heresy's new sci-fi troopers (including an officer's upgrade set  - several different arms, two hands with pistols and a couple of heads) which included a couple of heavy weapons I hadn't expected. Again, these look really nice. I couldn't resist restocking a Viper, Warthog II and another set of the neo-Rus troopers from Antenociti either.
I also received a rather nice surprise when introduced to Simon (Pig Iron Productions) who, having learned I was attending and meeting Mark, a mutual aquaintance and forum buddy, brought along some samples of his latest figures as a thankyou for painting and posting his Section troopers. I love this hobby - so many nice, like-minded people!
Highlight of the show for me was a complete surprise - I was immensely impressed by the 10mm (yes 10mm) models of scifi aircraft and vehicles by a new company to me called Hawk. Not only where the differing factions in this war (human and alien I think) beautifully designed and realised but the painting was quite breath-taking. I believe the 'game' is due to be released in July and even if this is not your scale or game of choice I'm sure you'll be impressed. Watch out for them.


  1. It was good to meet you again this year and I whole heartedly agree that Hawk Wargames will be one to watch... their display models were breath taking!

  2. Hmmm I didn't make it round to Studio McVey, wish I had as I'm interested in the new faction, what they look like. Any chance of some pictures at somepoint?

    And yeah, the Hawk Wargames stuff was pretty breath taking. I can see me giving them a good bit of money in the future.

  3. pics of 'Samaritans' very soon...