Wednesday, 23 September 2009


A little more Ma.k before returning to commission work...
This one a Wave AFS1 with Brickworks head swap. Slight conversion to the right hand to create pointing gesture and the joints have been replaced with putty. I wanted to show the figure without the helmet so I've added some padding and controls in the otherwise bare 'cockpit'. She isn't leaning to the left by the way - that's just the way she's mounted on the handling block. Larger image and a close-up of the face and internal detail.
I had a look at how two of my favourite Ma.K painters, BK and Linc, had finished the suit for inspiration and realised that besides needing to add (which I knew about) the power cables from leg to hip I had missed some cabling on the arms and lower legs/feet so I've since added them.


  1. Did you do the face work? it is really good. Are you going to be incorporating this into a diorama at all?

  2. Thanks Josh - yep, all my own work! I do intend to, eventually, feature the suit in a diorama (with the HUWS and maybe a Falke) but it'll be a while. David

  3. Excellent work DWartist, your "faces" have a beautiful life-like quality to them, so difficult to portrait on plastic. Lin.K