Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Fifth Member...

...of the team is a Rackham AT-43 UNA TacArm, LT. Epstone who arrives pre-painted with the UNA camo scheme ready for game playing. The figure in the suit (Lt. Epstone) is smaller in scale than the regular troopers in the UNA range, nearer 25mm than 28/30mm, but is just right for Hasslefree's 25mm 'marines'. I repainted, directly over the pre-paint finish, with the same colours used for the 'marines' camo (see the WIP in the KJ post) but the camo patches were painted slightly bigger and after highlighting the centre of the patches (leaving a darker edge) the edges of the armour were highlighted in several lighter layers, chips and scratches were added and a brown filter was brushed on to 'dirty' the camo and make it look well used.
Here are some other views of the finished figure; front; left side; back and with Debra ; McKenzie ; Kendra and KJ.
I'm not sure about Lt. Epstone - boobs are a little too cartoony so may replace her in team with this when finished. I've hollowed anothe Epstone suit, added the padding (painted as well worn leather) added a couple of accessories to the suit (pulse rifle, ammo pouches, bedroll etc) and will arm the suit with Hasslefree SMG from their accessory range.

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