Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Raison d'être...

I've been posting photos of my painted 25/28mm miniatures on several different, dedicated forums for a little while now and have been delighted with the reception they have received - thankyou. I thought it might be an idea to 'bring them together' for those interested enough to view occasionally.
Posts will be mostly images of miniatures that have caught my attention and I have, consequently, purchased and painted and of the very few commissions I have agreed to undertake. I don't actively seek commissions but will, on occasion, paint for 'friends' I've made from regularly visiting the aforementioned forums.
I'd also like to include images of work by painters that have inspired me personally (if they'll permit me, of course) and links to their blogs and websites.
First up Hasslefree's (and friend) sci-fi (not)'colonial marines'and 'friend'

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