Wednesday 31 January 2018

WIP: Antenocitis 28mm 'Roc' dropship...

...pilot finished and aboard. Next three passengers started.


  1. So who's the big guy between the two HF girls? And does he come with an optional helmet/visor? (love that take on powered armour, but can't paint faces ...:-)

  2. It is Studio McVey sedition wars heavy support, and, to your delight, there is a closed helmet version:

  3. Excellent! Thank you! I've seen it before but only ever with that huge codpiece thing :) I didn't realise it could be built without that (or can't it? maybe D's just painting that bit separately?)

    And now I also see that the one D's doing does have the helmet but it's a slide over affair. Right, off to Studio McVey for some wallet abuse!

    1. Or not ... almost nothing on their webshop. A couple of Gnosis suits (also nice), but that's about it... hhmmm

  4. Sory, Andrew, only just seen your comment (thanks for stepping in R!). It is indeed the Studio McVey Sedition Wars 'T.H.I Utility Carapace' (with a head change - it's a she, supposedly - painting fail there then!). Sadly it's OOP now but you might find a few knocking about. I did leave the groin-guard off for painting but there is detail underneath so it could be left off (or shortened like this one by cutting off the lower section, shortening it and reattaching. I do have another one -
    with closed hatch attached - Andrew, and if I don't use it on the diorama (I may use Antenociti 'Komodos' instead) you can have it if you wish. Email me.

  5. "Painting Fail"? You? Hahaha ...
    Sorry ... no, she looks totally femme ... NP there. My bad!

    D: I'd absolutely LOVE to get my hands on a "Utility Carapace" ... But the only exchange I could offer would be a) Malifaux Nurses (x2) on sprue - new ... but I somehow think they're not really your thing? Defo not mine :-)), b) Tau Pathfinders (10x, on spru ... based a nice deep green), or c) some (to me) uninidentifiable Infinity minis (at least one on a motorbike).

    What email do you check?

  6. You are very generous DW to depart from that lovely peace of gear :)
    Hope you two find an agreement;)

  7. I understand the two ladies are from Hasslefree. Are they vanilla or you changed the heads? (Perhaps only stunningly painted?)

  8. Sorry, Ratmaul, only just seen your comments. No changes to the Hasslefree female troopers. They are as they were sculpted and cast.