Monday 29 January 2018

WIP: Antenocitis 28mm 'Roc' dropship...

...cockpit and cargo hold painting begins and the first passenger is finished.


  1. Looks great D!
    Especially the pilot's seat :)

    Also liking the visor on your HF fig. Nice colour choice and effect.

    Quick Q: what paints do you generally use? Or is it a mixed bag?

  2. Thanks Andrew. Almost exclusively Vallejo. I still use GW flesh colours though.

  3. Cheers mate. I asked because I'm thinking of getting back into the hobby (building & painting, not gaming) after a 15-year hiatus. Used to use Valejo model color for brushing and Tamiya for A?B. But due to being on a very tight budget nowadays, I've started picking up some Army Painter warpaints whenever I'm nearby the local store.

    Will also will have to go up a scale I think, 'cause eyes ,-)