Sunday, 3 May 2015

WIP: Clear Horizons 28mm 'Nemesis'... with a bit of disruptive camo. Decals next.

Fits nicely on Ian's (Fenris Games) 'Arc' base if you wanted to make a vignette.

and as Harold hasn't produced any Hell Divers in 28mm as yet you'll have to use your imagination if you want to add crew. Hasslefree's Sci-fi trooper looks great (I'll use a couple of The Five-Eight I think).

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  1. A 28 mm Hell Divers line would be a big undertaking, but in the meantime this awesome buggy should be a hot property for gamers using a lot of similarly-styled SF figures.

    Conversely, I'd buy "Arc" bases in 15mm scale, that one looks like hot diggity. (Fenris makes quality stuff. Their TARDIS is one of my favourite pieces)